caccia al tesoro salamandra

Discover the local flora and fauna through a mobile game

Hunting the spot!

“Hunting the Spot!” or more specifically “The Salamander Treasure Hunt” is an expansion of the mobile application “The Treasures of the Blenio Valley.”

Unlike the other two treasure hunts where you have to solve nursery rhymes to find coins hidden in the territory, in “Spot Hunt!” families will face challenges in the form of mini-games.

There are informational posters in the area that should be read carefully, as they will allow you to correctly solve the mini-games and get the reward.

Of course, it is not a treasure hunt without a story to justify the effort! The families will have to help Grisha, a spotless salamander, achieve her dream of being the same as her cousin Drina, another salamander with beautiful yellow spots.

External Team

elia frapolli

Elia Frapolli

Elia Frapolli Consluence and Tourism

Learning through play

The treasure hunt is based on a pre-existing route, unlike the others. In this case it was necessary to make the most of the signage already in place at the site.

The posters contain very interesting information about local flora and fauna, suitable for everyone.

In order to enhance the work done previously on the pathway, they chose to create ad-hoc mini-games that involved careful reading and some ingenuity to solve the challenges.

Below we can see three examples:

  • A mini-game in which you have to correctly rearrange the water cycle
  • A mini-game in the form of a Quiz to test knowledge about Malvaglia Lake
  • A minigame in which you have to analyze a real drywall and unearth the intruder
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