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CADAC: Virtual Training for the Swiss Federation of Fire Fighters

Platform - PC/VR

Customer - Pompieri Mendrisiotto / Swiss Federation of Fire Fighters

CADAC is a procedure used by Fire Fighters to take the right decisions and actions during a fire.

The fire fighter of Mendrisio were interested in the Digital Trainings so they asked us to develop a simulation, PC and VR, in which is possible to train on CADAC.

For the training setting the fire fighters showed us a real-life fire happened in Mendrisio last year. We reproduced the setting in 3D for the simulation. The trainee has to analyze the different situations and take the best decisions in order to handle the emergency.

tailor-made on
customer's needs

The CADAC Project has been developed step by step together with the fire fighters of Mendrisio.

The customer has been a part of every design phase, in this way the project came out exactly as they wanted.

The Training is available in three languages: Italian, French and German. The multi-language was necessary because the target of the product was the entire Swiss Federation of fire fighters, so people that spoke three different language based on the zone they lived.

The scenario of the training was reproduced based on a real-life fire happened in Mendrisio in order to grant the trainees a plausible situation to analyze.

The trainee will have to analyze four different problems:

  • People running with black smoke behind
  • A person in danger at the second floor
  • Fire’s entity at the second floor
  • Person asking help at the third floor

Based on how is going to evolve the situation the trainee will have to chose the right decision.

The correct decision will grant the trainee an higher score.

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3d modelling

creation of
real-life scenarios

The scenario of the simulation is a fire that actually happened in Via Franchini 5, Mendrisio.

Our Artistic department have analyzed the building and recreated the volumes in engine.

The surroundings of the building have not been rendered realistically because they were not of interest for the trainees, so the budget was shifted on more needed elements.

Building in Via Franchini 5 (Google Earth)
Building in Engine
Building without materials in Engine

HABILIS integration

Report and data analysis
of the trainee's performances

Thanks to the integration with HABILIS, digital platform for Training purposes developed by Studio MACACO, the report and data analysis was extremely simple.

This allowed the Federation of Swiss Firefighters to carry out a group debriefing and increase the success of the training sessions.

How a project is created?

Find out how the relationship between the customer and MACACO is able to create a product such as the CADAC.

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