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Platform - HABILIS | Virtual Reality

Customer - FCTSA

“In order to make a real-life training on M.E.T.H.A.N.E. procedure, we need a location, actors and a lot of imagination. This requires a four month preparation with a high risk of cancel everything for major cause.”

Because of this degree of difficulty in making a single session of real-life training on the M.E.T.H.A.N.E. procedure that theFCTSA decided to creat an Emergency Training in Virtual Reality.

a new entertaining way
of training

The M.E.T.H.A.N.E. algorithm is usually a series of information transmitted by the rescuer to the central through a radio, for this reason we transformed these information in action done with the controllers.
For example in order to communicate on which track the accident has occurred the rescuer has to select the correct Gadget, after that the rescuer can point and identify the correct track.

This kind of mechanic that remind us of some principles of the Gamification, helps the rescuer to memorize the algorithm in a simpler way thanks to the association between the VR Action and the real-life step of the procedure.

To make the training for the rescuers less boring over the time, a simple leadboard has been added to the product.
The leadboard is updated with every report made by the rescuers. The higher is the score the higher is the place in the leadboard. Thanks to this feature we can create a healthy competition and a strong desire to give the best of themselves.

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mercalli accident system

Always different

Our Team have created a system that is capable of creating infinite different scenarios.

In the case of the FCTSA the system has been applied to the catastrophic collision of two trains, being them neither passenger or freight one. Thanks to the versatile nature of the system it can be applied to any scenario, like a car accident or plane crash.

The system works in this way: the two train collide just like in the real life, then the system finds out, through a color scale, in which zone are the major deaths, injuries or where the train station is destroyed the most.

Methane engine screen
Mercalli Accident System - A system capable of creating always different scenarios depending on the collision strength

procedural system

create the scenarios
as needed

The procedural system is based on the choices of the supervisor during the setup of the experienceor randomically by the software.

The setup that lets the supervisor create his/her scenario is divided into three Step.

The first Step lets you decide the train type (Passenger, freight) and the possible dangerous substance transported by the freight train. The last customization is regarding the type of collision of the two trains: frontal, plugging or derailment.

In the second Step you can choose the time of the day and the kind of the weather. Moreover, in this Step, is possible to choose if there is a time limit or not.

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