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Platform - Virtual Reality

Visonary Day 2019

Noumen is a Virtual Reality experience created for the Visionary Day 2019.

The concept is based on the philosophic idea of Noumen, namely everything that is out of the boundaries of the human thought and so impossible to reach.

The experience aims to transform in images the idea of Noumen, making people live an experience similar to a lucid dream.

A strength of this product is the use of Leap Motion that lets the users interact with their hands.

from the beginning
to the end of a dream

The Virtual Reality and the use of Leap Motion for hand tracking make the journey in this dream world pure magic.

The dream begins in a world only made by drawing that leads the dreamer to a dome. The laws of physics are reversed, as is usual in the world of dreams.

When the dreamer touches some spheres, the environment start to change, it becomes more clear step by step.

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