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Eclettica ar

Platform - Android/iOS

Customer - Plinio il Giovane

If you have to show your real-life product to a person on the other side of the globe, is indeed a difficult task, in particular when you are a craftsman in a little shop.

This is exactly the case of Plinio il Giovane, a furniture Milan craftsman, that wanted to show his innovative sofa, the Eclettica, to customers all around the globe.

For this reason, Plinio il Giovane, requested us the development of an Augmented Reality application that could tell the story and the concept behind his creation.

tell the story of a product
with augmented reality

Through Augmented Reality you can show your product in a totally innovative way. The Eclettica is a convertible sofa that can go from one seat to like four seats, making it a sofa that could lasts for generations.
From this concept we created an application focused on the sharing of the experience between people.

At the start of the experience the app will ask to confirm how many people are participating through a simple touch on the screen. This Step is necessary because, when people will have to select, for example, the color of the fabric, the choice must be confirmed by all the participants. In this way everybody must be agree on the choice because the sofa will last for generations.

At the end of the experience, the users can put their email in order to get a tailor-made quotation based on their choices.

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