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The Forest - gamification for human resources

Platform - PC | VR

Customer - Theorema

“The Forest” is a PC and VR Software made for the better understanding of the personnel behavior by the HR or trainers.

The experience is set in the world of Dante with the three fairs (Wolf, Lynx and Lion) and Virgil as a guide for the user.

As they explore these worlds, the trainees will have to make decisions that will affect their path and so the possibility to gain the final reward.

The results are saved into a report and sent to a platform for data analysis.

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Dante's world

At the beginning of the experience the user will have to choose the reward he/her wants to receive at the end of the journey.

The first part of the trainee’s journey is the dark forest where he/her will meet the three fairs and Virgil.

If chosen, the three fairs will give the trainee a Bonus to complete the journey more easily. Virgil, instead, won’t give the trainee any Bonus but rather he will make the journey harder.

Each character has his own world, with its questions and meaning.

At the end of the experience, the users will find out how many correct questions he/her made and if his/her behavior towards difficult situation is correct.


the same software
on PC and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a powerful tool that lets the users live an experience in a complete new and entertaining way.

The only limit of VR is that it is still not so diffused in the consumer field.

Because of the big variety of the Target for this product, the Team advised the customer to create a multi-platform Software. In this way any person, with or without a Virtual Reality headset, will have a chance to use the product.

Dante inspired scenarios

The gamification united with
Dante inspired scenarios

The experience is set in Dante’s world with multiple elements from the principles of Gamification.

The union of both brought these well made artistic scenarios.

The different scenarios have been made first in the form of 2D Concept then they have been modeled in 3D.

A scenario exists for each character: for the Lynx there is a mysterious labyrinth, for the wolf a gloomy castle, for the lion an arena and for Virgil the paradise.

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