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The treasures of Valle di Blenio

Platform - Android/iOS

Customer - FASV | Valle di Blenio | Campo Blenio | ESRB

Treasures of Valle di Blenio is an app for Android and iOS that uses Gamification to let people enjoy the Swiss territory of Valle di Blenio in a new and innovative way.

The app is an example of how is possible to use Gamification to promote the territory with innovative solutions.

Through animated stories, hints and a hint of wit families can find the hidden treasures and obtain the final reward.

external team

elia frapolli


Elia Frapolli Consulenza e Turismo

Interactive stories
with amazing characters

The treasure hunt is set in Valle di Blenio or Lucomagno, so two mountain territories. In order to not let family with children to get lost or take dangerous paths, the app gives them a useful GPS.

Everything starts with a little interactive story that explain the main reason behind the treasure hunt. After this introduction the game finally starts with the GPS.

In the GPS we have various Pins that represent the different treasures. When the user is near the treasure a vibration starts and a hint in the form of a nursery rhyme appears.

When the treasure has been found the app gives back a reward in the form of an interactive educative story.

One of the many functions of the app is the Photo Mode. In the Photo Mode the family can take photos and decorate them with the stickers earned during the treasure hunt.

A unique artistic style

the magic
of illustrations

Treasures of Valle di Blenio is an app with a content that is nearly magic and that fits perfectly the territory in which is set.

To match that idea of magic, our Art Director decided to use animated illustrations, instead of simple photos to accompany the story and the educative content.

First some sketches were produced to show the customer how the animals would be. Because the app is also something to educate people on the flora and fauna of the territory, the customer had to see the sketches also to be sure that, even though the style was cartoonish, the race traits were correct.

After being approved by the customer, the different drawings have been transformed in vectorial drawings and then animated in Unity.

Souvenir Photo

a modality to
decorate and share
your own photo

The application has a feature that lets families take and decorate pictures in order to share them on every platform they desire.

This features lets the families have fun and give a purpose to the app even if they are not doing a treasure hunt. Also this is useful for the association that have funded the project to make indirect marketing making more people to get to know their application.

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