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Sapiens is the Latin word for “Clever”, “Expert” but also the name of one of the human evolution stage: Homo Sapiens.
Be SAPIENS is the will of Studio MACACO to share knowledge on technology and any other arguments of interests.

Tracking Playground

be ludens tracking playground Platform – Desktop | Kinect Customer – DOS Group Tracking Playground is a Body Tracking project made with Microsoft Kinect V2.



be ludens realia Platform – Android/iOS Customer – Realia S.r.l. Realia – Made in Italy Experience is a mobile app in Augmented Reality for the


Plinio il Giovane

be ludens Eclettica ar Platform – Android/iOS Customer – Plinio il Giovane If you have to show your real-life product to a person on the



be ludens noumen Platform – Virtual Reality Visonary Day 2019 Noumen is a Virtual Reality experience created for the Visionary Day 2019. The concept is


The Forest

be habilis The Forest – gamification for human resources Platform – PC | VR Customer – Theorema “The Forest” is a PC and VR Software


The Feedback

be habilis The Feedback – Training for Humar Resources with Gamification Platform – PC | VR Customer – Theorema The Feedback is a PC and


I’m Fading

be ludens i’m fading Platform – Desktop/WebGL Winner of Global Game Jam 2020 | Turin Our Team is made by passionate game developers so it’s


Treasures of Valle di Blenio

be ludens The treasures of Valle di Blenio Platform – Android/iOS Customer – FASV | Valle di Blenio | Campo Blenio | ESRB Treasures of