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Be HABILIS is about the development of VR Training namely training experiences in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Desktop for the Digital Learning in company and Human Resources training.

Studio MACACO offers, with the development of immersive training experiences, a Virtual Training Platform that lets you monitor your trainee activity and overall performance in the training experiences. This can considerably reduce training costs and time.

rescuer gets trained with virtual reality

digital Learning

VR Training development

Training is a constantly evolving field, looking for ways to improve the quality of learning.
The Virtual Training, namely the training through digital instruments, is more and more requested by the major companies.

It can be developed in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and desktop and can sure bring these advantages: save time and money for the real-life reproduction of a scenario, an involvement and consequently greater commitment of the trainees in the training and the possibility of check the reports and analytics in a easier way.

Studio MACACO is capable of develop a tailor-made Digital Learning experience in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Desktop for your necessities.

Technologies and used platforms

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



Case History

The training through Virtual Training is valid and used in various fields like: emergency, safety at work, interpersonal skills, the ability to drive and so on.

This technology is used because the user is more involved into the training thanks to the fact that he/her is directly doing that action and, if he/her makes a mistake, he/her can directly feel the consequences on him/herself.

These are just a few of our Case Histories that show the potential of digital training in the emergency and corporate world.

fctsa rescuer virtual reality

rescue | fctsa


A Maxi-emergency is a very big disaster and for this reason very difficult to reproduce in a real-life simulation. FCTSAchoose to develop a Virtual Training because ,to train their rescuers on the METHANE procedure, they had to spent like four months and stop an entire train station.

In the Training the rescuer has to handle a train disaster in the most efficent way and through the correct use of the METHANE algorithm.

human resources | theorema

The Feedback

Its indeed easy to tell good news to your collaborators but what about the bad news?

The bad communication or the “toxic” people can ruin the working field and reduce the company success.

The Feedback is an experience, made in pair with Studio Volpi, in which the user has to communicate with its collaborator/Manager, controlled by the trainer, and does not have to get angry or similar even with the worse characters.

speak in public virtual training

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which are

the advantages of the Digital Learning?

Training where and when you want

Thanks to the Virtual Training people can train themselves whenever they want and, if permitted, everywhere.

Save time, money and reduce the risks

With the reproduction of the scenarios and their infinite repeatability, its possible to save money and time on the real-life creation of the train scenario. Moreover, the risk is considerably reduced.

involvement = better performance

Through a deep analysis of the training or the use of Gamification, we can transform the training from a duty to a more enjoyable moment for the trainee.

traditional training support

Through the use of both the Digital Training and Traditional Training its possible to reach considerably better results.

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