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Be LUDENS is everything about the development of Gamification Softwares and Games for companies, Human Resources, tourism and training.

Studio MACACO has a past in the Gaming world and for this reason is capable of creating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and softwares that have gaming logic inside them.

Challenges, rewards, gameplay

Gamification and games development for companies, Human Resources, tourism and training

A game is a very powerful tool that can push people to overcome challenges and perform even complex actions in order to get a reward.

The use of gaming logic (Gamification) can bring, in business fields like tourism, selling and training, an increase in public involvement granting the success of the product, the return of the investment or the increase of the learning performance.

Technologies and used platforms

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



Case History

The fields of application of the Gamification are many. Studio MACACO has developed many experiences with Gamification or actual games.

In this section you will find two examples: the first one is an application used by Valle di Blenio in order to promoting the territory, the second one is a Serious Game to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

app | fasv

The treasures of Valle di Blenio

“Treasures of Valle di Blenio” is an application for Android and iOS. With this product people can live in a new, emotional way the Blenio territory.

The app lets families join a treasure hunt, making and decorating pictures and enjoy some illustrated interactive contents.

serious game

i'm fading

I’m Fading is a little Serious Game born on the word of the 2020 GGJ: “Repair”.

In this game the protagonist is an elderly affected by the Alzheimer disease that is trying to repair his memories through some pictures of his life.

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speak in public virtual training


The Feedback

Its indeed easy to tell good news to your collaborators but what about the bad news?

Bad communication and “toxic” people can ruin the workplace and reduce the company success.

The Feedback is an experience, made in pair with Studio Volpi, in which the users have to tell a bad news to their collaborator/manager, controlled by a trainer.

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