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Discovering the city with a Gamification mobile application

Treasures of Brissago

“The Treasures of Brissago” is an Android and iOS application, created for the Municipality of Brissago, that uses Gamification to discover the beautiful lakeside town of Brissago in an innovative way.

The app’s main functionality is to guide the family through the Treasure Hunts via a navigator, so that they do not risk getting lost or getting off track.

It begins with a small interactive story that explains why there is a need to go in search of treasure. After this brief introduction, we move on to the navigator screen.

In the GPS we have various Pins that represent the different treasures. When you are near the treasure, the app gives a clue in the form of a nursery rhyme to the family.

When the treasure has been found the app gives back a reward in the form of an interactive educative story.

The app, in addition to its main functionality, has a mode for taking and decorating photos and another in which you can review all the insights gained during the Treasure Hunt.

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Elia Frapolli

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The importance of artistic analysis

Although born from the pre-existing Format of the treasure hunt app “The Treasures of the Blenio Valley,” “The Treasures of Brissago” certainly could not have the same artistic style as its parent app.

A more serious story, set in a world of knights and pirates, deserves a treatment that enhances its medieval and historical appeal while maintaining child-friendly language.

Through extensive research of medieval motifs, a geometric and contemporary style was opted for but at the same time with colors and decorations belonging, precisely, to the ancient taste.

A real pirate treasure map

The scavenger hunt aims to encourage tourism in the areas where it is implemented. Among the different Target Audiences, the main one is children, and a real paper treasure map was made for them.

While the parents use the app, the children are free to run around looking for the coin with their little map, ready to trace the edges in the spaces provided.