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Studio MACACO Sagl is aSwiss Company based in Ticino and born in 2019 as a member of the DOS Group SA.
The Studio is highly specialized in the development of Digital Learning softwares for training purposes in industrial, medical emergency and business field. Also, the Studio wants to create and distribute solutions that brings a real value to its customers.

Moreover, our Team is made by expert game developers and this peculiar skill grants Studio MACACO the ability to develop mobile apps and softwares with Gamification for every kind of company.

Be habilis, Be LUDENS


Studio MACACO has two kind of product solutions for different technologies,
for example Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile Applications or Desktop Softwares and WebGL.

The two major product solutions are divided in HABILIS and LUDENS: the first one concerns the development of Virtual Training or the possibility to adopt our immersive Digital Training Platform that boost the training experience with custom data reports about the performances of yours trainees. The second one concerns the Gamification world: in simple words the use of gaming logics in non-gaming products for the global market or in company work-flows.

Technologies and used platforms

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



rescuer gets trained with virtual reality

Digital Training for company training

Thanks to the Edgar Gale’s “cone of experience” we know that making a specific action gets the percentage of the argument learned up to the 90%. With this theory we can state that digital trainings, in particular the Virtual Reality ones, grants a lot of benefits for the training of the personnel.
The Virtual Training grants the companies the possibility to save money and time in the training, in particular when the training concerns the simulation of big disasters or similar situations not so easy to replicate.

Studio MACACO claims that Digital Training are a very powerful instrument for training purposes but also claims that they are not a substitute to Traditional Training rather they have to work together in order to get the better results. Companies like DHL, Shell and Airfrance have already adopt this solution for their training. Studio MACACO grants you the possibility to take the innovation path already pursued by these large companies through the Digital Training development and with the HABILIS platform for learning.

Gamification solutions

“Play is the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles” is a famous quote by Bernard Suits. This quote explains why gaming logics are so powerful. Engagement is the keyword, and Gamification can get the most of it from your target market. Imagine the endless possibilities in fields like marketing, learning, tourism and more.

Gamification is widely used in the Business Area, in particular in Loyalty programs or to encourage the personnel to give the best with challenges and rewards. Studio MACACO has a deep past in the gaming fieldso it can give the best support to its customer for the development of Gamification apps or softwares. Like it was Navi for Link, we won’t let you alone on this amazing journey.

be sapiens


Digital Training

Virtual Training for the Swiss Federation of Fire Fighters

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