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We develop experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, Gamification and Serious Games

Studio MACACO, formally Ludens Sagl, is a Swiss Software House specialized in the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, applications with Gamification, games and Serious Games.

Whether you have a project in mind or simply a goal to achieve, our Team is ready to follow and accompany you to ensure the best possible experience.

Are you ready to experience VR/AR or discover the incredible effects of Gamification?

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Gamification - Mobile Application

Treasures of Blenio Valley

“Treasures of the Blenio Valley” is an Android and iOS application made for FASV. Thanks to the “Treasure Hunt” mechanics, it is possible to experience the beautiful Blenio area in a whole new way.

The app allows families to participate in Treasure Hunts, take and decorate photos, and enjoy interactive illustrated content.

caccia al tesoro di blenio
caccia al tesoro valle di blenio
caccia al tesoro sviluppo salamandra
caccia al tesoro salamandra

Gamification - Mobile Application

Hunting the spot!

“Hunt for the spot” is an expansion of the “Treasures of the Blenio Valley” app.

Its special feature is the countless mini-games that await challengers to receive a “spot” for Salamndra Grisha as a reward.

Serious Game - Virtual Reality

Respect - For who I truly am

“Respect” is a VR experience for Oculus Quest made to raise awareness of Bullying among young people.

The player will meet a new classmate who is itching to share her passions. Through simple interaction, however, the player will understand the consequences of bullying.

esperienza realtà virtuale sogno

Virtual Reality


Noumen is a Virtual Reality experience created for Visonary Day 2019.

The experience, through abstract and impossible worlds, allows people to travel within a dream.

The selling point is the use of Leap Motion to allow the user to interact with the world around them through their hands.


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