Analysis for a digital concierge

Secrets of the lake

Secrets of the Lake is the result that our Team, together with the collaboration with Elia Frapolli, we presented to the Commendable Municipality of Brissago.

The goal of the analysis was to provide a solution for the implementation of a digital concierge with which to encourage tourists, residents and vacationers to discover the beautiful areas around Brissago and Ronco Sopra Ascona.

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A smartphone application

The solution we proposed was an application for Android and iOS smartphones that, through an initial story, would allow the user to explore the surroundings, stay up-to-date on news and evaluate tourist offerings.

Not just an app, to be used only when you had been in the area, but an app with which to plan your activities according to your needs, as if there were a concierge on the other side to advise you.


Gamification is a central part of the analyzed product, as it allows the user to stay engaged and be able to savor in advance the tourist experience that Brissago and Ronco Sopra Ascona has to offer.

Through small, relaxing mini-games, it is possible to discover the secrets that the Brissago area has to hide, allowing the user to become, himself, a studied concierge.


Analyses are times when the customer needs to have a chance to taste a product, which does not exist at this time.

This prompts us to create a series of graphic animations with which we can convey a preview of the final result.


We create entire worlds, and each world must have its own identity, in fact, as with all the analyses we develop, “The Secrets of Brissago” have their own stylistic identity that makes them unique compared to other products on the market.

In search of the perfect style

The journey is just as important as the destination, which is why we make a point of showing not only the result, but also all the steps and attempts made before reaching the goal. Animations, hand drawings, and digital art are just some of the tools employed during this analysis.