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Platform - Android/iOS

Customer - Realia S.r.l.

Realia – Made in Italy Experience is a mobile app in Augmented Reality for the protection of Made in Italy products.
In the Supermarkets, in particular abroad, there are a lot of products marked as Made in Italy, but they are indeed bootlegs. These products are called “Italian Sounding”

The objective of Realia is to help customers know the real nature of the product thanks to a database with thousands registered products. In this way they can escape the trap of the Italian Sounding products.

protect the Made in Italy
with augmented reality

Realia lets customers, through the simple action of framing the label of the product with the camera of the phone, be sure of what they are really buying at the market.

After framing the product, in a few seconds, the system gives the user a result with AR.

The result is an informative panel with all the information about the origin and the quality of the product. If the product is an Italian Sounding, the system gives to the user an alarm panel. Instead, if the product is not available on the database of Realia, the user can send a picture to the team of Realia that will analyze and register the product on their database.

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Loyalty system to entice
users to use the app

To entice the audience to use the application, the MACACO Team suggested the development of a Role Play and Loyalty system.

The user become the champion of Made in Italy that, through the use of the application and the reporting of missing product on database, helps Realia in the fight against the Italian Sounding products.
His efforts will be rewarded with points.
The value of the points given varies depending on the kind of action done by the champion. Once the champion reaches the 10’000 points he will be rewarded with a Coupon for shopping at market.

Thanks to the introduction of Augmented Reality and Gamification logics, the application has been used by 100’000 all around the globe.

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realia backend

update the content

Realia Backend is a PC software that helps Realia creating video content in AR.

Thanks to this Software is possible to adapt the video content on the label of the interested product.

The set-up of the content will be saved into a JSON that will be automatically loaded on Vuforia Server.

Through this system there is no need to update the application to add new content.

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