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The Feedback - Training for Humar Resources with Gamification

Platform - PC | VR

Customer - Theorema

The Feedback is a PC and Virtual Reality Software made for the training of HR or personnel.

The trainee will find itself in a virtual office, there he/her will have to tell some bad news to a Virtual Avatar.

The Virtual Avatar is controlled by the trainer through a Dashboard.

The trainer will have to evaluate the communicative capacities of the trainee even with the most annoying and incomprehensible person on earth.

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Learn to communicate
without limitations

A HR or a person in a company must be able to communicate with the team, even if the topic of the discussion is very thorny, like a missed deadline.

To avoid internal conflicts or HR that can not correctly interact with the personnel, companies must hire trainers capable of train them.

The Feedback is a very good tool for the trainer because it can give him the possibility to put the trainee to the test.

Thanks to an asexual Virtual Avatar without any racial feature, the trainee will not be influenced by any prejudice and so he/her will freely speak his/her mind.

In the video its possible to fully understand all the Software potential and its functioning.

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a dashboard made for the trainer
with countless possibilities

The trainer has a Dashboard in which he/her can control the Virtual Office and the Virtual Avatar.

The trainer can control the following events:

  • Trigger some “distractions”, like a phone ringing or a person that enters the office. These distractions are useful to evaluate the behavior of the trainee in response to external disturbances during the meeting.
  • Control the emotions and the answers of the Virtual Avatar
  • Add some note about the behavior of the trainee.

At the end of the training session everything that has been made by the trainer and the trainee is sent to the dedicated Web platform for data analysis.

Dashboard of the Trainer

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