Mobile Game

Cube Up

Cube Up is a mobile game made in collaboration with an Indie Team.

The game originated as a casual game for cell phones where the player has to complete a cube as quickly as possible.

Each level in the game features a particular song and graphic style, with its own effects and colors. In addition, the player, can choose from many Avatars that can be purchased or unlocked through specific quests.

Released for Andoid and iOS in 2017, the game is no longer available as it is discontinued.

External Team

Federico Boccardo

Game Designer

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Video Trailer of the Game Demo

Different music and graphics for each level

Each song has its own genre: pop, rock, retro, hip pop and so on. Therefore, the graphic style would also change according to the genre of the song.

Below you can see some of the many Concepts and Concept videos made for Cube Up.