A Marketing Campaign and a Power Point Game

A mystery under the tree

A Mystery Under the Tree is a Marketing campaign created for Christmas 2021 for our company.

The project began as an experiment to try a campaign in the form of an Advent Calendar and out of curiosity to exploit Power Point in a different way than usual.

The main goal of the Calendar was to allow the audience to really learn about Gamification through a Power Point game and articles designed specifically for this campaign.

The game is a kind of graphic adventure made in Power Point; the story tells the misadventures of an employee of a Christmas Tree factory who is in danger of being fired as she is framed by another colleague.

Will our protagonist be able to find the culprit through Gamification?

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Full game video

Landing Pages, Email Marketing and Rewards

The campaign was multi-media to ensure good coverage:

  • A Landing Page (Below) created to explain the calendar, collect all the content, and allow people to sign up for the Newsletter to participate
  • Email Marketing and Linkedin to remind people to open boxes.
  • A Green-flavored reward drawn from the entries, namely a tree on Treedom.

Due to the different mediums and the campaign topic, namely Gamification, the results were excellent, particularly for the Power Point game that generated the most interest.