Global Game Jam

An opportunity to overcome one's limitations

Global Game Jams are events in which developers and others from around the world are challenged to develop a game in 48 hours.

Our passionate Team has always taken part in these events, creating different projects from time to time with increasingly strange technologies.


Gun Dropper

Gun Dropper is a LAN cooperative Virtual Reality game.

The aim of the game is to defeat enemies with the correct color weapon, which, however, must be provided by the other player.


I'm Fading

I’m Fading is a PC game created by reasoning about the word “Repair.”

An elderly man with Alzheimer’s disease finds himself struggling to remember, and the only thing that seems to help him are frames scattered around the room.

The player’s goal will be to reorder the sequence to reconstruct the memory and discover the truth.

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The Line

The Line is a cooperative Kinect game born during a small internal Jam.

One player controls the small ball and moves it to the right, while another player will have to bridge it with his or her body to allow it to overcome obstacles.

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