Virtual Reality Software to Raise Awareness Toward Bullying

Respect - For who I truly am

Respect is a VR experience created to raise awareness among young people about the sensitive topic of Bullying.

The person, through an Oculus Quest, will be transported into the world of a little schoolgirl, who is extremely excited to get acquainted with one of her classmates.

Although she shows us all her passions, our reaction will be only one: to mock her and denigrate everything she shows us.

By limiting the possibility of choice, the experience achieves the goal by making the person the author of his or her actions by facing, inevitably, the consequences of seemingly harmless behavior.

esperienza realtà virtuale bullismo
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From Storyboard, to Concepts to Final Product.

The Storyboard is a tool used extensively by Studio MACACO to be able to ensure a final result that is akin to the client’s wishes.

Through a series of Sketches, it is possible to preview what the final Software will look like but more importantly the user experience.

Concepts, on the other hand, give an idea of the setting, characters, objects, and so on. With this tool, the customer can assess whether everything is to his or her liking.