Virtual Reality software to improve one's business soft skills

The Forest

“The Forest” is a PC and VR Software to enable HR or determined Decision Makers to understand how people behave in sensitive situations.

At the beginning of the experience, the user will be asked to choose a reward, i.e., what he or she would like to get once the journey is over.

The first place to which our user will be transported is the dark forest, where he will see before him the three beasts and Virgil.

If chosen, the three fairs will give the trainee a Bonus to complete the journey more easily. Virgil, instead, won’t give the trainee any Bonus but rather he will make the journey harder.

Each character has his own world, with its questions and meaning.

At the end of the experience, the user will find out whether they have answered the questions correctly and whether their behavior toward difficult situations is correct.

The results are saved and sent to a platform for data collection and analysis.

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Trail of the Lynx

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Route of the Lion

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Route of the She-wolf

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Virgil's path

From Storyboard to Final Product

The Storyboard is a tool used extensively by Studio MACACO to be able to ensure a final result that is akin to the client’s wishes.

Through a series of Sketches, it is possible to preview what the final Software will look like but more importantly the user experience.

In this way, it is possible to ensure at the Pre-Production stage that the product is to the customer’s liking and to avoid heavy reiteration at the production stage; an event that would bring inconvenience and delay in release.