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Platform - Desktop/WebGL

Winner of Global Game Jam 2020 | Turin

Our Team is made by passionate game developers so it’s more than obvious that they love to join the Global Game Jam in their free time.
The Global Game Jam is a global event in which developers have to create an entire game based on a word in only 48 hours.

During the 2020s GGJ, out Team created a Serious Game around the word of that year: “Repair”.

An interactive story
to understand the Alzheimer

“Loving someone and see that the love in his or her eyes has been lost” this melancholic thought and some frames in a restaurant, got our Art Director to create an Alzheimer based game.

Empathize with someone with Alzheimer is very difficult and for this reason we tend to be impatient with them. Their memories crumble and so the love around them does.

And that’s what we need to repair.

During the game we are an elderly with the Alzheimer disease, to him the world is white and with few recognizable objects.
One day, watching TV, he sees a WWI Documentary and something, someone come backs to his mind.

The elderly stands up from his couch and looks to a blank wall where once were some frames. In that exact moment he decides that he is ready to remember, to repair.
Repair the memories of the elderly before the time runs out and he forgets everything, this will be our objective in the game.

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How to reach
heart of people

Storytelling is one of the key part in making a game focused on emotions.
The Art department must know how to tell a story and which script choices to do in order to deliver the core message to the audience.

The storytelling in “I’m Fading” is made around the movable frames and the characters animation inside the frames.
Every time the player repair the memory in the right way, the people and the objects inside the frames come to life and start to move inside them.

In this way we are telling a story, and this story is the reward for the efforts of the players.

narrative sketch
creation of the drawings
Game Asset


the power of game
in difficult themes

The strength of “I’m Fading” is the personification of the players in the protagonist of the story.

through little effects like the screen that fades to white and the frames that fall down if the player do not manage to repair the memories before the time limit, we can put the player in the shoes of a person with Alzheimer disease.

Many are the efforts that an Alzheimer affected person does in order to remember, but many times are all useless.
This is how you feel to lose your memories and yourself in the process.

Intro game scene

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